July 4th 2018

Yesterday there was a strong wind down the beach and as a result a strong undertow that quickly drifted people down the beach. The wind also created chaotic waves that are difficult for the smalls to navigate. So we rode fewer waves, but also built our largest sand castle yet during this trip.

For some reason Surf City is celebrating July 4th on the 3rd. In the evening we drove to the center of town (which has one traffic light), parked and walked to Soundside Park. The kids played at the playground for a while. Aidan gave out glow sticks to all the kids (he specifically picked out a special one for each of them). We watched the fireworks and then headed home with a pile of kids in the back of Sean’s minivan.

On the 4th we stayed at the house, swam and built a castle in the morning, then had a low key afternoon. Parents napped while kids played Minecraft and other games. In the evening we had a taco dinner and a birthday party for Melissa, Everett, Teddy and Gwen. Everyone opened presents and afterward the kids played on the beach. Ted and Gwen each received a kite from the Colorado Butsons and got to fly them for a while. Then we set off fireworks on the beach (the legal variety, not from South Carolina). Kids were down by 9pm and adult soon after.

Happy Independence Day!

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