Reflections on Paris

We have found that it’s difficult to talk about traveling to Paris without sounding pretentious. We first became aware of this from listening to other people during the trip, and also noticed it about ourselves. These conversations sometimes sound like people who have grown tired of Paris and are ready for something new, like Provence or Normandy.

The weather in Paris has been spectacular. It has been cool at night and during the day with occasional rain. So comfortable for our family!

The Paris Museum Pass has been fantastic. We bought the 6 day passes for 74 Euros per adult; the kids are free to almost everything. Navigo Metro pass has worked out great. Chris and Melissa each have one which provides one week of metro access starting on Sunday night. The kids are still at the age where they need reduced price tickets which we buy in packs of 10 or 20 (0.75 Euros per child per trip) within the Paris area (we had to buy separate tickets to Versailles).

Paris is by no means an inexpensive place to travel, but this was manageable. Beyond flights, we paid about $400 per night for a 3 bedroom, two bathroom apartment near the Arc de Triomphe with 4 adults and 3 children. This apartment has had more than its share of problems, but this is still a much more comfortable way for us to travel than staying at a hotel.

This is an unbelievably rich city in terms of culture and food and we have thoroughly enjoyed it!

French Air Conditioning: A new invention that occurred to Chris after the trip. It’s a self contained box, powered by an RTG, that prevents any air movement yet somehow makes living spaces hot, humid and full of biting insects no matter the season or conditions.

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