Summer 2018

Our 2018 summer adventure began on 5/23/18 when Melissa and the kids flew to Cincinnati. All of the kids had a special day at school that morning: Everett had his celebration of life while Teddy and Gwen graduated from pre-scshool.

Chris stayed and worked for about 10 more days and joined everyone in Cincinnati on 06/02/18 so that we could all fly overseas together. He recently described this trip, and other prior trips, to a colleague who has four children a bit older than ours. He replied that he would never try what we are doing with his kids because it would be a madhouse. Chris told him that it IS a madhouse, but that Melissa and I feel it’s important and we are both completely committed to it. Also, it’s going to be a madhouse whether we stay home or travel, so we might as well do something we love together.

The original motivation for this trip is Melissa’s high school reunion in Paris. We are scheduled to be there for two weeks starting June 5. We are staying in an Airbnb which was listed as having air conditioning but upon further inspection we found out this meant French air conditioning, i.e. a fan. Fortunately we just realized that during our time in Paris the temperature is predicted to be below 80F (no idea what this is in metric). None of us have scarves, but no doubt these are on sale year round in Europe.

Today Chris was in Cincinnati. We spend the morning getting organized, then rented a boat a Winton Woods to have some outside time. All three kids got to drive the boat. Is that legal? It must be under maritime law, an international coalition that extends to bodies of water as small as a creek deep in the interior of any sovereign country.

We had dinner at El Rancho Grande for Matt’s birthday, then went to Trader Joe’s to get plane snacks and meet the store mascot (a tree frog named Wart).

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