Today we got up around 9am and spent some time at the house in the morning. In early afternoon we visited Dorotheum, which is essentially a high class consignment store where you can purchase treasures being sold or auctioned by other people. These include jewelry, antiques, paintings, ceramics and vintage weapons. We didn’t find any treasures that we felt we needed to travel home with. Then we went to GEA on a secret mission by Melissa to look at shoes for Chris after seeing some nice shoes that Armin bought recently. This had to be done carefully because there is no way Chris would consent to go shoe shopping, partly because purchasing shoes might subsequently result in wearing them (the word “shoe” is derived from a Germanic word meaning “foot prison”), and partly because the shoes he brought on this trip have hardly even been broken in after 12 years of gentle use (yet somehow the soles are worn off). Anyway this strategy worked because somehow he came out of the store with a new pair of shoes, Melissa got a new bag, and the kids got some very neat and clever change purses. Masterful work on Melissa’s part!

Afterward we took the kids to Zauberflötenspielplatz at Mirabellgarten. Visiting this playground has been a tradition every time we have visited Salzburg with children – we have pictures of the kids here during every visit.

In the evening we had dinner at Kernei’s Mostheuriger. Three of us ordered Brettljause. Ted had a Bauernomelette and Gwen had Grillwürstel mit Pommes. After dinner we looked at the cows and pigs in the barn next door, and spent some time at the playground out back. Later we played games at the house and when Sophie and Anna got home from choir practice they played Monopoly with Everett. Apparently the new version has credit cards, which the kids seem completely comfortable with.

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