Everett’s Day Out

Today has been a low energy day. Melissa and Chris got up around 8am to get pastries, and about an hour later Melissa and Everett went to the Rodin Museum for the audio tour. Chris met them there around 11:30 so that the boys could go to the Catacombs. Unfortunately they were closed due to a strike, so we walked to Boulangerie M’seddi which currently has the distinction of making the best Parisian baguette. We bought three, then took the Metro to Concorde so that Everett could buy a beret.

Next stop was the Orangerie Museum to see Monet’s Water Lilies. Then home sometime around 2:30pm. Meanwhile Melissa went to the Conciergerie and got home after 3pm. The smalls and the talls have been home all day having quiet time – neither Ted nor Gwen seemed to have much energy or interest in getting out today. Unfortunately the smalls got up early today, before 9am, and are desperately in need of a nap.

We spent the afternoon at the apartment, resting and watching movies and playing Minecraft. Chris and Cress went to a market to get some produce. Chris and Everett made an afternoon excursion to print a page containing the Eiffel Tower stencil for the 3Doodler he got for his birthday. Before dinner we spent time making one side of the model, then the kids had dinner and went back to their iPads while the adults ate. Around 8:15 we walked to the Arc de Triomphe and the kids literally ran all the way to the top, then ran around the top for about 30 minutes, then ran down and home. I think we could have done this three more times before they got tired. Please remind us not to keep them home again for an entire day of rest. We got home around 9:15 and then had a one hour bedtime extravaganza. As with most of these trips the sleeping arrangements change every night. Tonight Gwen is in one bedroom while the boys are “sleeping” in a nest on the floor in Gabby and Grandaddy’s bedroom.

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