On every long trip we eventually get into a rhythm. This changes from trip to trip, partly because the children are constantly changing, and partly to take into account whatever is special about the place we are visiting. On this trip our rhythm has been to sleep as late as 11am (unheard of for our family!), then have an outing for 6-7 hours, return home for dinner and then “bedtime”. This is the time of year when bedtime evaporates. The sun sets around 10pm here in June.

Each of the kids has their own iPad on this trip. Everett has had one for some time, but the twins have only had iPod Touches before. We told them this change would happen at the beginning of the trip, and they took to the iPads instantly. Chris loaded them up with movies and apps beforehand. However, the only game they seem to be interested in is MineCraft. This is a game Everett has played for some time and he taught the twins. After a few days, through some mechanism that no one quite understands, Ted joined Everett’s world in Minecraft, followed by Gwen. This was interested in that they could work together. It was also infuriating for us because this allowed them to simultaneously fight in the real world and in a virtual world at the same time! We had never before imagined that more fighting an bickering might be possible, but we were wrong. If only Chris and Melissa were also on Minecraft then we could have understood the magnitude of it firsthand, and could have issued multidimensional proclamations such as “No one is to touch anyone every again in this world or any other!”

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