Summer 2017 Travel: Friday Harbor Day 8

It was windy and rainy most of the day yesterday. Nonetheless, Everett said it was great bike riding weather and he came by the Whiteley Center a few times to see Chris working. During one of his visits we saw a bald eagle fly by. In the afternoon everyone went to the Whale Museum.

Chris came home around 4pm to see Gabby and Grandaddy off. They were scheduled to fly out on a sea plane at 6pm. Around 4:30 Cress got a call asking if we could fly out of Roche Harbor instead because Friday Harbor was too windy. So we loaded everyone in the car and went to the dock at Roche Harbor to wait for the plane. After a few minutes we decided to get a table at Madrona, and the adults had drinks and shared a Dungeness crab while the kids played in the garden. Then we received a call saying that the sea plane hadn’t left Seattle yet because of a storm, so we ordered more drinks and dinner for the kids. A while later we received another call saying that the plane had landed in Roche Harbor. Fortunately the kids were done eating and we had already paid the bill, but it was still a bit of a scramble to get to the end of the dock and get everyone loaded on the plane. It was raining, and everyone got pretty wet while tromping around, so we decided to give the kids a shower when we got home to get them clean and warm. Then we put them down for an “early” bedtime at 9pm while we ate dinner and watched two episodes of Catastrophe.

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