The Molly Show

Molly had some time off this summer and we feel fortunate that she decided to visit on her way to meet her family in Denver. She has been with us for about the past week. Since we moved to Utah she has been caring for some of our former neighbors in Wauwatosa who have an older child and younger twins. And she decided to take a vacation from this by visiting us :-).

It was great for everyone to see her again. The twins remembered her and called her by name right way. She and Everett had some special time together. She explained social media to Chris, and she and Melissa spent several evenings together. On Friday night she hosted the Molly Show: she watched all three children while Chris and Melissa went away for a night to Midway, Utah (also know as the Switzerland of the Rockies). That night the children asked for Molly water (a la Dada water), a sure sign of trust and affection.

Safe travels Molly! We hope to see you again soon. Perhaps next time you can visit for a year or two?

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  1. Awwww! I miss you guys so much! Thank you again for a wonderful week and spending it with me 🙂 love you all! <3

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