The Dada Show

For some time now, whenever Chris is in charge of childcare he tells Everett “It’s the Dada Show!”, which might be an indication that things are going to be a little more permissive until Momma gets back (but not as permissive as when the grandparents are in charge). It’s also suggests that there might be more roughhousing than usual.

The Dada Show for the next three weeks is going to be different because Chris will be alone. And he has big plans to make the best use of this time. As soon as he returns home there are several urgent repairs: at the time we left for Cincinnati the dryer and upstairs furnace had stopped working and the roof was leaking. Once those things are taken care of he is going to get caught up on blog entries and photos for our family website. Then he is going to clean the garage and office in order to have a less cluttered environment at home. After that he is going to write 7 papers and 3 grants, lose 20 pounds and learn Esperanto.

Update: Wow, it’s been two and a half weeks at the house alone! The first few days were strange and disorienting. In order to feel more at home Chris started scattering food all over the floor in the kitchen and dumping out bins of toys in every other room of the house. He has also been taking care of some things that we meant to do but can’t find the time, for example to get a trailer to haul bikes and other toys. We talked about this in Wisconsin because we had no practical way to transport the Bakfiets (other than riding it), and over time our backs are getting more and more unhappy when we lift the tandem kayak onto the roof of the car. In Utah we have even more need for a trailer because there are no leisurely bike rides from our house. The nearest main road is 600 feet below our house. Much of the descent is over 10% grade, and once you reach the main road there are only two choices: up or down the canyon. This is not conducive to family bike rides. So we are now the owners of a 5′ x 12′ Aluma trailer which we plan to start using as soon as the regular Dada Show resumes, i.e. all of the kids are back at the house.

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