The Barbers live in Cincinnati and have been Bengals fans for some time. Melissa is also a Bengals fan, or at least she was until we moved to Wisconsin (for Christmas this year she asked for an Aaron Rodgers jersey – should Chris be concerned?). Anyway, Gabby and Grandaddy came to visit us and they were at our house when the Bengals played the Broncos a few days before Christmas. It was a Monday night, and Amanda made a comment that Cincinnati never plays well under the lights. Everett is a Packers fan, but he has a soft spot for Gabby and Grandaddy’s team, so he agreed to intervene on their behalf. He has been reading a lot of Harry Potter lately with Mama, so naturally the first thing he reached for was his magic wand. He cast a few spells, then he and Chris went outside to build an idol in the snow, then more spells.
It was a nerve-wracking game but every time the Bengals got into a pickle (which seemed to be often) Everett was able to help them out of it. As Everett says “It’s time to get the de-pickler!”. This is all well and good, though we note that Marvin Lewis did not acknowledge Everett in the post-game interview. For whatever reason Everett decided not to intervene on behalf of Cincinnati during the next two games, both of which they lost. The wizard giveth and the wizard taketh away.

This is also interesting because despite Aaron Rodger’s leg injury, the Packers made the playoffs this year and they are scheduled to play the Seahawks today. Seattle is favored by 7.5 points according to “the computer” on “the internet”, but Everett has assured us that the Packers will win and if they get in a jam then he will help them. He says this will be easy.

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  1. Perhaps the wand works best when the Bengals are “under the lights” and on national television. We’ll use the wand again Everett; maybe even at a game in Cincinnati. How is HARRY POTTER?

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