We are watching a friend’s house while they are away, and recently we noticed that they started receiving the New York Times. It seemed odd that they would start receiving a newspaper while traveling, and when we clarified with them it became clear that they didn’t order it, but perhaps it is being provided by a rogue newspaper delivery person, which is not unlike an experience that Chris had when he lived in Salt Lake several years ago (he received unpaid newspaper deliveries for months that were seemingly unstoppable). So our ritual is to check their driveway each morning, and if they receive a newspaper then Everett puts it in a pile in the kitchen. One unexpected side effect of this is that he has started reading the New York Times with Melissa.

Today Chris drove Everett to school. We aren’t yet setup for Chris and Everett to bike together (even though they both want to!) but to give Melissa and the babies a break they have begun driving to school one day a week. On the way Everett asked to listen to NPR. It seems that he has learned about the recent Ebola cases from the New York Times, and has also realized that this is a frequent subject on NPR. He is very intrigued about it and wants to stay up to date.

So we now have a six year old who reads the New York Times and listens to National Public Radio. We could be a top story on Fox News! It’s hard to guess how they might categorize the story because it has so many controversial elements, but Chris and Melissa would probably file it under “Risk factors for children who are raised by two PhDs”.

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