We are now at our new house in Utah. Despite appearances, this website is still alive. However, the last few months have been completely overwhelming so it’s not as up to date as it could be. In the last few months we have several major events:
-Chris’ grandfather (Grandpa) died
-We bought a new house in Salt Lake City
-Everett turned six
-The twins turned one. Raising twins is no joke.
-Everett attended Camp Gramapa in late July. During this time, Chris and Melissa flew to Utah with the babies to start getting the house in order.
-Chris’ grandmother (Gramsy) died
-We packed up all of our belongings in Wauwatosa and drove to Utah. Then we started moving into our new house. Moving with three children is also no joke.
-Molly flew to Utah and stayed with us for 10 days while we were settling in.
-Chris started a new job at the University of Utah
-Everett started first grade at a new school
-Chris travelled for the first time for work from Utah, while Melissa watched the children for several days solo.
-During all of this we have tried to sell our house in Wauwatosa.

This has been a lot of major events and changes at once. We don’t yet have a support network in Utah like we did in Wisconsin. Chris’ new job is fantastic, but starting a new lab is a tremendous amount of work. We love our new house but it will require a lot of work to get it in shape – it’s 20 years old and as far as we can tell has been pretty neglected. So it’s a lot of good things but also a lot of effort for the foreseeable future. As Melissa keeps saying: it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

We have uploaded some new photos and videos. “Soon” we will update the blog with several new entries between this one and the twins first birthday.

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  1. Understood! Really happy to see the blog. Really looking forward to seeing all these changes myself. Strong family.

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