Twins’ First Birthday

Teddy and Gwen turned one today. In the afternoon we had a small celebration in the backyard with a few friends and neighbors. The babies each got their own cupcake, the same kind┬áthat Everett got for his first birthday, but this time with┬ásugar and real icing. Teddy wasn’t too interested, while Gwen dove in.

Later that evening the babies discovered the piano and decided to start playing it for the first time.

Their first birthday was a chance for us to reflect. Melissa and Chris were high-fiving each other for making it through the past year with two happy and healthy babies. Chris recently had a conversation with an older colleague who has twins (now adults). They agreed that having twins is fantastic but exhausting.

Through the past year Everett has taken a lot of big changes in stride. He seems to take delight in the babies, even though we all acknowledge that he gets less attention from us because of them. And they think he is hilarious. Now they are starting to roughhouse a bit with him, which we sense he has been looking forward to for quite a while.

Melissa has successfully nursed both babies for a year, and they were fed almost exclusively this way for the first six months. Great work Momma! The reverse psychology that Melissa received from Froedtert seems to have worked (they said she couldn’t do it!)

Photos from the birthday party are here.

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  1. Oh, how the twins have grown. The cake pictures are priceless…maybe Teddy got into his a little later! Melissa, you look gorgeous…what a happy family you have. Can’t wait to see you all soon. Everett, CAMP GRAMAPA is going to be so much fun with you here…we are so excited. Thanks for the updates and piano pictures, Chris. What would I do without your loving blog.

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