Dark Socks & Sandals

Several years ago we wondered whether Chris would start wearing dark socks and sandals after becoming a Dad. In fact, the opposite has happened. Since that time he has since started referring to socks as “foot prisons”, and he hasn’t considered the idea of wearing them with sandals, which is one reason why we were dismayed to read a recent article on fashion trends in New York supporting this fashion choice. Apparently several celebrities and runway models have recently dressed this way from the ankle down after the long, hard winter of 2013-2014. However, “some stylists are warning fashionistas to beware…personal shopper Valerie Halfonsaid she won’t advise her clients to try the tricky look.” And “Stylist Laura Solin-Valdina…cautioned that an entire outfit needs to be planned around the socks and sandals of choice. It is not one of those accessories that you throw on and it works with everything” Indeed, this may be one of those rare moments when engineers get to brag about their fashion decisions.

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