All of the children are now playing new games. Everett has started playing “yellow car” when we are traveling in the car together. As the name suggests, the object is to find the most yellow cars before anyone else. Everett makes the rules, decides when the game starts and stops, and adjudicates when points will be assigned and to whom. Obviously this works in his favor. In the midst of playing this game Chris told Everett about a friend from college who would yell “punch buggy!” and punch him in the arm every time she saw a Volkswagen Beetle. Everett thought this was hilarious and decided that yellow punch buggies are worth double points. So far, Everett is winning at yellow car by about 1000 to 50, where the latter is the cumulative score for both Chris and Melissa.

The babies have become much more engaged with us and each other, and have also started to develop their own forms of play. Gwen still plays peek-a-boo with us by holding something over her face and then uncovering it quickly while she looks right in your eyes to see if you notice. Teddy plays a game where he crawls forward and then suddenly screams as he rears up on his legs and puts his arms straight up in the air, kind of like a miniature Godzilla. Sometimes he also shakes his head quickly from side to side. The babies have also developed the ability to take things from each other, often against the other one’s will. Surprisingly, at times they will give it back. They have started to follow each other around the house and consistently play in the same area. And of course they are learning to roughhouse. This started with Chris during diaper changes where he would give them a zerbert or pretend to nibble their bellies. They quickly learned to recognize when this was coming and put up their arms and legs to resist, laughing the whole time. More recently they have started pouncing Everett by climbing on top of him when he lays on the ground.

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