Recent big news stories in the Butson household:

We recently took the family to visit friends in Austria (I’ll post those blog entries soon). A couple days after we arrived Gwen had a toy in her mouth when she seemed to wince in pain. Chris saw it, but she recovered quickly and he didn’t think any more of it until later that evening when Melissa noticed there was blood coming from her mouth. Gwen is getting her first tooth! Her bottom left front tooth is just breaking through her gums.

On a similar subject, Everett told us yesterday that he has a loose tooth, and later that day during his visit to the dentist we learned that two teeth are loose! He is very excited about losing his teeth and getting new ones. He is curious if it will hurt or not, and naturally he can’t resist wiggling them from time to time.

This morning during breakfast Everett exclaimed “Teddy just sat up!”. Teddy has been working hard at crawling and figuring out how his body works, but today is theĀ first time any of us has observed him sitting up on his own.

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  1. As I am just catching up with your news, I thought (from the title) that this entry might tell something about your plans for what to do/where to go next. Since this is not the case, I’ll just tell you I’ll be praying for a clear direction for you and that your next stop will be another good one.

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