This week Chris resigned from the Medical College of Wisconsin, effective June 30th. This has been a very difficult decision, and one that we have been discussing for some time. We have not yet decided where we are going but will hopefully make a final decision soon. We love it here and don’t want to move. Things we are thankful for:
-Working at MCW has allowed us to live in Wauwatosa, which we have loved. And Kavanaugh is likely the best neighborhood in Tosa. We couldn’t ask for better friends and neighbors. In particular, Al and Lori (our neighbors to the south) have almost adopted us as one of their own. They are frequently bringing us food, watching our children, offering to help and just being great people. Shirley and Betsy (our neighbors to the north) have always been thoughtful and generous, and have taken delight in our children. The Marx’s (two houses to the north) have helped us in too many ways to count.
-Chris has been able to bike to work everyday (or walk if needed), and for the last two plus years he has been able to take Everett to school on the bike.
-Everett has been raised here and has gone to a great school.
-Gwen and Teddy were born here.
-At MCW Chris has met a handful of great leaders and scientists, and it is been a privilege to work with them. In particular, moving his lab to the Biotechnology & Bioengineering Center was the best decision he made. The BBC is a unique environment with great leadership and many high-caliber people.

We explained the situation to Everett but didn’t quite anticipate what would happen next (though in retrospect we should have): he started telling everyone. He and Chris were at the grocery store when he told our pharmacist (and fellow Spokesman) Brian “My Dad? He just quit his job!” We quickly contacted his teachers so that they would hear it from us first. And Chris quickly sent some emails to friends for the same reason.

Everett keeps a journal at school which provides us with remarkable insights into his thinking. This entry says it all:
“Soon my Dad is quitting his job and we are moving and we are not prepared for that.”

Lastly, here is a pictorial way to express Chris’ reasons for leaving MCW. This is especially appealing because it is an a Dr. Seuss book narrated by John Cleese that seems to have a message for everyone. Jump ahead to 5:18.

Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are by MistyIsland1

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