All three of our children were baptized today. It’s a lot at once, but these days we are trying to be as efficient as possible. Our sponsors are Sean, Kathy, Matt and Katie. There weren’t able to attend the event, but fortunately this was mitigated by two things:

  1. Gabby and Grandaddy were able to attend the event and visit us for the following week.
  2. We used a piece of technology called the Internet to stream the event live to our sponsors and family in other parts of the world. This seems to have worked reasonably well (thank you Tim Berners-Lee). The actual baptism ceremony is at about 45 minutes.

All of the kids did great during the ceremony. Teddy and Gwen were quiet and cooperative, and Everett was very confident up on the stage. We were proud of all of them.

That evening during dinner was the first time that the babies provided an audience for Everett: he was demonstrating how a snail runs to school, something he saw in Monster’s University, which Teddy thought was hilarious. Gwen probably would have enjoyed it as well but she had a cold and was not her normal self this evening.

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  1. If ever I am lonely or blue, I just look at the video of Everett being a snail and Teddy laughing. Who could be blue when hearing this beautiful laugh?

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