Tonight we met with Everett’s teacher Ms. Tierra for parent-teacher night. She told us nice things about him that confirmed what we already thought, and we told her how happy we are that Everett is in her class. In the course of our conversation Chris mentioned how much Everett likes to roughhouse. Ms. Tierra expressed surprise, and Chris was surprised that she was surprised because roughhousing seems to be part of the natural rhythm of each day at home. One of its many forms is when Chris bounces Everett up and down on the bed while singing a song such as The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers or Mah Na Mah Na. At the end of each song Chris throws Everett down on the bed. Another favorite is when Chris uses a puppet to do the Piggy dance: Piggy runs up and down Everett’s body and then pounces while Chris hums the tune to Tequila. Even though the actual song has only a single word, we made up words to mimic the sounds in the song, and as a result it is not uncommon for Everett to ask questions like “Dada, can we do bananadingdoo? And then can you flomp me?” The verb “to flomp” is something we adapted from the book Dog in Charge; the Urban Dictionary accurately defines it as a cat falling over sideways.

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