Star Wars

Melissa and Everett watched The Empire Strikes Back while Chris was traveling for work this week. When Chris returned he discovered that Everett was pretty concerned about what happened between Darth Vader and Luke (spoiler alert!).

“If Darth Vader is Luke’s father then why did he cut Luke’s arm off?”

We tried to explain, though it didn’t seem to help.

“But he is Luke’s father!”

Then he asked Chris “Would you cut my arm off?”

Fortunately we were able to inject some humor into the situation with the book Darth Vader & Son, which Everett received for Christmas. I hesitate to give too strong a recommendation for humorous books because it can get expectations too high, but if you enjoy Star Wars and children’s books then this one is worth reading. Here is one of my favorite pages:
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Lastly, we note that despite the angst caused by The Empire Strikes Back, Everett is very excited to see The Return of the Jedi.

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