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This week we had to say goodbye to our sweet Kyra.  Since she was a pound dog, we don’t really know exactly how old she was, but our best guess is  that she was 13 or 14.  She is the last of our four animals to pass on, and now we are left with a family of just 5 humans.  Though we do and will miss all of our animal companions, we know that they are now at peace, and, as Everett pointed out, they are all hopefully together with Jesus now :>

Here are two of my favorite memories of Kyra:

For both of my pregnancies, Chris took a weekly picture of me and my growing belly.  Invariably, every time I would get into position against the wall for my picture, Kyra would get up from wherever she was resting, casually walk over in my direction, and photo bomb me :>
Kyra and Melissa
Similarly, every time Everett and I would play hide and seek, she would suddenly show an interest in our activity. Whenever it was my turn to hide, she would come with me and then just stand there right next me, making it virtually impossible to actually hide.  This was great fun for Everett, who could find me within seconds because of Kyra’s help.  Everett and I would do this again and again, laughing hysterically, to see if she would keep doing it-and she always did.

We hope you are running free now.  Rest in peace, sweet girl.

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3 thoughts on “Kyra

  1. She was a constant and loyal companion. Kyra loved and protected you all. She truly deserved the love you gave her.

  2. loved to hear the stories! what a sweet, wonderful member of the family. she is indeed, running free and still keeping a loving eye on all of you!

  3. Just read you blog about Kyra, so sorry to hear about your loss and yes she was truly loved.

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