Halloween 2013

Everett wanted to be Perry the Platypus (a.k.a. Agent P) for Halloween this year. However, Perry costumes are almost nonexistent, so Melissa decided to make one. She ordered a turquoise sweat suit from H&M, and bought a brown fedora from a local Halloween shop. We added a black fabric band to the fedora and used some orange foam sheets for the tail, shoes and duck bill. It was immediately obvious when we were trick-or-treating who was a fan of Phineas and Ferb. People who weren’t asked questions like “Are you a duck?”, but fans of the show took one look and said “Hi Perry”. Nice work on the costume!
Melissa and Everett suggested that if Everett wants to be Perry again in the future then maybe Dad can be Dr. Doofenshmirtz, which would be great because then Chris could invent some Inators and bring them along.

This is Teddy & Gwen’s first Halloween. Teddy was a monkey, and Gwen was a banana.
Everett graciously agreed to collected candy on their behalf. We went to our neighbors Katy and Mike Nunag’s house at about 4:30pm. This was an exclusive party for the 5 and under crowd on the block – we did not previously realize how many children on the block are in that age group. As it was getting close to our official start time of 6pm Everett’s anxiety level seemed to be getting higher and higher about missing it, so we went home to get a candy bag and started trick or treating. We walked up and down the block and got a fair amount of candy, and had a chance to chat with neighbors. One tradition on our street is for people to sit in their yard with a fire in a fire pit on Halloween. After we made it most of the way up the block and back, Everett abruptly went home and said he wanted to do the same. So he took his costume off while Chris brought the fire pit to the front yard. Then Everett wanted to make s’mores. We didn’t have chocolate, but Melissa had the great idea of spreading Nutella on the graham crackers. This was just as easy, and perhaps even more delicious than using chocolate bars, if that’s even possible, and we abated our old bag of marshmallows at the same time!

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5 thoughts on “Halloween 2013

  1. May I say that these are the most perfect costumes ever! Everett, if I didn’t know any better, I would think Agent P was on my computer “for real.” And, the monkey/banana costumes are adorable. What a nice family.

  2. Hi! My dad forwarded us the link. The costumes are adorable as are the children in them! Kudos for the Perry craftiness. I’ve enjoyed reading through your recent posts and showing my twins your twins. Those early months were so hard but I wish I could get some of them back now. I regret that I wasn’t more diligent about spending one on one time with each of them, besides feedings and diaper changes, but it just seemed impossible at the time. I also enjoyed your St. Matthews post. I can tell little Everett is a true leader in the family! Blessings to you all and keep up the good work. Love, Kerry

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