Yesterday afternoon Cress returned from Cincinnati and brought Trinity with him. Everett was super excited for her visit, which coincided with the arrival of the twins and the Wisconsin State Fair. In the evening we ate tacos on the patio and then Gabby and Grandaddy took Trinity and Everett to a hotel room for the night. This was the first night that Chris and Melissa have been alone in the house with the babies. It was strangely quiet, and allowed us to sleep on and off until about 9:30 the next morning before we got ready for their first church service at 10:15. At the start of the service Pastor Chris came by and showed us a secret room off of the main chapel that contained a couch for nursing and a family bathroom. Nice. We spent about half of the service there. On our way out afterward Pastor Margaret made a comment about the babies’ blankets that somehow involved Prince George, but neither of us really understood until we read the news later in the day. It turns out that our friend Lauren recently gave us a set of baby blankets that were also used by the royal family when George came home from the hospital, and there has now been a worldwide run on them.

About midday we took the family to the State Fair along with Gabby, Grandaddy and Trinity. The twins get a LOT of attention. We think this is partly because they are infants and partly because they are twins. Many, many peopled cooed at them, asked their age or asked if they were a boy and a girl. Since their birth we have discovered that there are a lot of twins in the world, based on disclosures from people who either have them or were one of multiples. One woman told Chris it was too soon to have them out of the house.

Everett and Trinity seemed to have a fantastic time. Everett is now of the age that he can find and engage in activities without our intervention, and having Trinity with him certainly helps in this regard. They found an endless supply of things to do and see.
Fair Foods

In the past we have always written about novel, horrifying-yet-delicious fair foods. This year we tried BEER BATTERED BACON WRAPPED CHEDDAR HOT DOG ON-A-STICK and a REUBEN BRAT ON A PRETZEL ROLL with horseradish sauce. Both were as delicious as expected. We also stopped by the Cream Puff Pavilion to pickup the six-pack we had ordered ahead of time. Also delicious.
At this point you might be wondering about the scandal suggested by the title of this blog entry. You see, Cream Puffs are huge in this area and they are only available this time of year. We even hold a world record for the largest cream puff (126 lbs). You can acquire them via pre-order, as we did, but there are also several other options. You can buy them from the State Fair and select local restaurants; you can also buy them from a special drive-through off I-94; if you are feeling dairy anxiety then you can call the cream puff hotline (414-266-7111); if you can’t get out of the house then you can even pay for Bell Ambulance to deliver them. To keep up with this level of deliciousness the State Fair requires 1200 gallons of cream each day. Unfortunately, a major dairy producer in Wisconsin who was supplying the fair suddenly went bankrupt earlier this year, so instead the cream will be provided by Prairie Farms, an Illinois dairy! If this were Florida it wouldn’t even be newsworthy. However, we are the dairy state, and in the midwest this qualifies as a major scandal. It’s as if New Zealand ran out of cream and had to import from Australia. Or France decided to import from England to make cheese. Other fairgoers didn’t seem to notice, but we knew they were a bit off.

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  1. I love this!!! Matt and I desperately wish we could have made it. The pictures are adorable too:)

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