We are happy to announce the arrival of two new family members:
Theodore Ansel (on the left in the photo)
6lbs 7oz

Gwendolen RoseĀ (on the right in the photo)
6lbs 13oz

Mother and babies are doing well!

Chris & Melissa

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12 thoughts on “Birthdays!!!

  1. Oh, be still my heart. They are so beautiful, and so are their names. How blessed we all are. Love to all.

  2. Oh they are beautiful and wonderful. Congratulations. I will remember their birthday as mine is July 11.

    Eileen is over the moon as I am sure you know. Gwendolyn will be conditioned for life with 2 brothers and 3 male cousins!

    What does Everett think? Life is about to become a whole new experience for all of you, not just the babies. Enjoy it all.

    P.S. Even though neither of my son’s is named Theodore, I have always believed that is the perfect name for a baby because they are all gifts from God.

  3. OMG and I didn’t even know there were babies brewing!!!! Congratulations. They look beautiful and so content. What does Everett make of All This????

    All my love, Martha

  4. Congratulations. I know that you are glad to have them, and glad that they are here. May they stay healthy.

    Melissa, you positively glowed at Katy and Matt’s wedding, and Everett was a real little angel.

  5. Precious little blessings!! The babies are so perfect and healthy looking. Les and I are so happy to receive this announcement. We are in Burlingame,CA with Sarah, Zack and Eleanor for some quality time. I will stay until July 27th.
    Sending congratulatory thoughts and prayers your way.

  6. Wonderful little miracles. So happy! Can’t wait to meet our new grand-niece and nephew!

  7. GLORY & HALLELUJAH! I think I’ve been waiting for these angels (plus Dillon, Everett, & Connor my whole life). My sons will probably attest to this. The miraculous thing about miracles is that they actually happen. We have stormed the heavens with prays for years & I know our heavenly hosts are celebrating at a grand feast with plenty of pasta & vino. I toast us all with a glass of spumanti & gratitude. Amore, ciao Bella, Noni

  8. AND our other newest bambino in 2013=Aidan Samuel, aka Cutie or Cottontail. Sorry, now I have to count my grandchildren on two hands! Mea culpa, Noni

  9. Congratulations! How precious, beautiful, and healthy they look! May you all get some sleep as peaceful as the babies look in this picture — as often as possible!

  10. YAY!!! BABIES!!! Chris and Melissa, we are just thrilled! Congratulations. Gwen and Ted, — will that be their nicknames? Hard to tell, I hear Aidan is “Sam” to the boys. Love these names, love these babies. We send hugs and big smoochy kisses.
    Linda and David

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