It is the night before delivery. Melissa has felt ready for the babies to arrive for some time now. Everett and Chris have has been eager to meet them. Cress and Amanda arrived Tuesday night in preparation. The weather today was beautiful, so we had dinner outside on the patio (tacos and tostadas).
After dinner Chris and Everett practiced bike riding.
A betting pool has been setup to guess gender, weight and length.

Everett has recently acknowledged that the babies might not always be pleasant to be around. “So, the babies are going to be sort of annoying but we will be really happy that they are here.” He has also started putting some of his toys away so that the babies don’t get them. This is interesting because up to this point he hasn’t had to compete with anyone for toys or attention, and it’s not clear to us how it occurred to him that he might need to.

In the evening Chris noticed that the word of the day on the screensaver on Melissa’s computer was nuit blanche: a sleepless night.

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