The Bakfiets has been a fantastic addition to our family. It is essentially a second car that has allowed us to transport a kid and all manner of household items on a regular basis over the last 2+ years. Fortunately, the two babies that are on the way should help Chris retroactively justify our purchase of the Bakfiets to begin with. The only downside to owning it is that as a result of the deluxe accommodations, Everett has almost no interest in learning to ride a bike. Everett and Chris are currently trying to address this by spending 10 minutes a day practicing.

To get to Wauwatosa Village from our house you have to go either over or around the intervening hill. When we bike home from the Village, Everett gets to decide if we should go the hill route or the extra-bridges route (so named because we cross the Menomonee River twice and Honey Creek once). Once on the way over the hill, Chris started describing it by saying that it had sharp pointy teeth, a quote from Monty Python and the Holy Grail when the knights encounter the Rabbit of Caerbannog. Everett thought this was pretty funny, so he started asking “What else?!?” Chris went on to say that the hill was big and mean and hairy and had bad breath and all kinds of other mean nasty ugly things (a la Arlo Guthrie when he describes his new friends from Whitehall Street in New York City). Everett took it from there. It seems natural for him to embellish things from time to time for dramatic effect.

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