Today something happened that I knew was coming, I just wasn’t sure when. For the first time Everett figured out that a lot of people can see the pictures of him on the website, and he asked me not to include one because it’s embarrassing. For the record it’s a picture of him eating an ice cream sundae on his birthday. As many parents know, a child’s definition of “embarrassing” is a moving target and could change dramatically over time. I’m also curious to find out how he will react when he learns to read and he discovers how much of his life is described here. In the meantime I do want to honor his requests, though I’m not sure exactly how yet. I could start redacting the site to remove anything he doesn’t like, but I can think of several reasons why this probably isn’t a good approach. Another idea is to restrict access to the website so that only friends and family can see it. A third is to explain to him the social media movement, and point out that these days people divulge so many details of their lives that disclosures about any single person might not generate attention, especially when it’s not on Facebook. We are open to suggestions about the best way to handle this, and we are certainly curious how other families handle these situations.

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  1. He is growing up quickly. If you do need to remove any of the blog or pictures, please let us know before that happens.

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