Everett has recently been trying to more specifically identify our roles. He know that Chris is a scientist and an engineer. He also knows that Mama is a scientist, though he isn’t quite sure what kind (we have noticed a similar level of confusion about bioethics among adults). Occasionally when Everett is explaining the workings of the world around him he will start sentences with “Well Dada is a scientist and an engineer and he says that…”, and this can be used to explain anything from the laws of physics to why you shouldn’t wear socks at night (or at any other time really – they cut off circulation).

A few months ago Everett got a glimpse of an iPad app that I (Chris) developed at work with the help of some colleagues. It’s a clinical decision support system for physicians who treat Parkinson’s disease. I was moving his finger toward the Home button to switch to a more child-friendly app when Everett said “Woah woah woah!” and asked me to explain what we were looking at and how it works. When I was done describing it he put his arm around my shoulder and said “You are a great scientist.”

Today Everett was conducting experiments with food coloring, salt and suntan lotion. In the midst of his experiments he told Melissa “I’m probably going to grow up to be a scientist.”

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