Spring is springing, at least in the halting manner that it does in Wisconsin. Some days are very warm, and some days (like today) the temperatures are back in the 40s. On a distantly related subject, Chris has been growing his hair since last fall, partly in the hopes of joining the Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists (LFHCfS). However, he recently had to get it trimmed for two reasons. First, Matt and Katy are getting married next week (!!!). Chris and Melissa are both in the wedding, and we wanted to make an effort to look presentable. Second, he just gets too hot while bicycling. Yesterday when we rode to school it was in the 50s, but even in shorts, a t-shirt and sandals he was sweating profusely (perhaps this could be an excuse to get a lightweight, custom-made titanium Bakfiets?). How do the Dutch handle this problem? To understand this issue, first note that there are two major differences between cycling in the U.S. and the Netherlands: 1) The Dutch embrace bicycling in everyday life; 2) Americans wear helmets. If you have any doubt about either of these then take a look at this. Only in the Netherlands would someone object to a hill with a 3% grade! The combination of flat terrain and greater ventilation from the absence of helmets might explain why Dutch bicyclists never appear to to be sweating, and why a bike as heavy as the Bakfiets sells so well.

Bicycling to school and work is part of our daily routine. However, this week has been a little rough in that regard. On Monday Everett did not want to get on the bike. He was crying and whining from before we left the house until we were more than halfway to school:
“I hate the bike.”
“I hate riding the bike.”
“I want to go in the car.”
Chris: “Why do you want to go in the car?”
“Because I like my carseat and I want to listen to kid music and I just don’t want to be on the bike!”

So for the rest of the week we made an effort to leave a little earlier each morning and have an adventure on the way to school. On Tuesday we went to the Hippo Playground for the first time in many months. On Wednesday we went by the three ponds with whale spouts (Daddy, Mommy and Baby) and looked for ducks. We didn’t find any ducklings but we did find four adult mallards (we aren’t sure yet where the babies are this year). On Thursday we went geocaching and then fed the geese at a nearby pond.
Since we started riding the cargo bike a couple years ago, Everett has had zero interest in learning to ride his own bike, and to be honest we don’t really blame him. But as we approached school on Thursday morning he asked a question that Chris has been waiting years for: “Dada I want to learn to ride my own bike. Can you teach me?” Yes!

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  1. you just might have to install a sound system of sorts on the cargo bike 🙂

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