This morning as we passed the village on the way to school there was a strong smell of bacon wafting through the air. They must have been cooking up $1.99 BOB (Baskets of Bacon) at the Chancery, and I am now wondering if we can place a to-go order and share it during our daily commute, and if so why we haven’t been doing this for the past couple years. Anyway, Chris mentioned the smell and Everett immediately said “That smells like the bacon at Gabby’s house!”. And after being asked for details, he went on the clarify that the smell is different from our house. The boy knows his bacon.

This morning was a little rough, perhaps because Everett woke up early (around 6am). He did not want to go to school or ride the bike. Tears were shed when we told him he had to pick up the garbage he left on the stairs. Nonetheless, Chris wanted to reinforce the fact that bicycling encourages adventures and diversions as long as we get to school on time. Everett found a golf ball on each of our last two geocache searches, and this led to two things. First, we cut one of the golf balls in half with a hack saw last night (a bit explosive but fun!). Second, Chris told him the story about Bryon, a friend from graduate school who had amassed a huge collection of golf balls during his daily bike commute and put them in a bowl next to the hors d’oeuvres at his dissertation. So this morning as we were passing Hansen Golf Course Everett asked if we could hop out and look for golf balls. The first thing he wanted to do was satisfy his curiosity about the tee markers. Next we tromped around for a few minutes looking for balls (didn’t find any). Fortunately, by the time we got to school (with one minute to spare!) he was back to his normal self.


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  1. I’ll bet he just wanted to ride in the NEW car. Glad you are still having the adventures. And, E’s bacon is waiting for him!

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