School Night

Tonight was the first time that we, as a family, got to go inside Everett’s classroom to see what he does in school everyday. The first 45 minutes was a pot luck dinner with other parents and children. The next 45 minutes were spent in the classroom. It appears that Montessori classrooms are a bit unlike others in that children structure their own time, hence they lack rows of desks. Also, there are a lot of specialized activities that require training before they can be used properly. We learned several things. First, we learned that Everett knows the location of many more countries in Africa than we do. Second, we learned that Everett is entirely capable of cleaning up after himself without being asked. In contrast, it is sometimes a struggle to get him to hang his coat up at home. Third, we learned that the teachers have special powers over children that parents apparently don’t possess. The classroom was abuzz with activity when suddenly all of the children simultaneously went silent. The adults kept talking for a few moments until we realized something important had happened: Ms. Tierra had rung a small bell, signaling that it was time to be quiet to that she could make an announcement. This was truly impressive – several parents mentioned that they should try using bells at home. Lastly, Chris finally met Everett’s friend Mary that we have heard so much about. Everett and Mary are inseparable at school, and have announced they are getting married.
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Unfortunately, Mary’s family is moving to Indiana at the end of June, so this will have to be a long-distance relationship until they are old enough.

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