Easter 2013

For Easter this year, Everett went on several egg hunts starting on Friday morning at church. Each child was allowed eight eggs. The second hunt was Saturday morning at Wilson, where we saw several neighbors who discovered that Melissa is pregnant. Each child was allowed six eggs.
That afternoon we made our annual bunny cake using a special secret Barber recipe.
The third hunt was in two parts on Easter morning. When we woke up we searched for eggs, then had a delicious Crockpot breakfast that Melissa put in the night before. Then we went to church, followed by an Easter egg scavenger hunt using a series of clues. Afterward we roughhoused for a while followed by lunch and nap. Around mid-afternoon Chris and Everett rode to Brian’s house, one of the Spokesmen, to try out a tagalong trailer bike. The timing was good because Brian was cleaning his basement and realized that his kids had outgrown it. At the same time, we are still struggling to get Everett to ride a bike. Everett took to it right away.

After that we cleaned up a bit and watched Star Wars and ate dinner. It was a good day, and we should have enough chocolate to feed us for the next few months.

Everett’s running commentary about his life and the world around him can be a lot to keep up with. Here are a few snippets from a short period of time around dinner one evening:

About a playdate with his close friend Mary: “We, literally, had such great time.”
About dinner: “This meat bite is shaped like Africa.”
During dinner: “Do you know what my super power is? I have see through vision.”
During playtime after dinner when we asked him a question about what he would like to do this weekend, which he contemplated while jumping on the bed and telling us that “Bouncing helps me think.”

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