Momma Bear

Melissa is now known as The Momma Bear. Piggy and Kitty are the baby bears. If Chris makes a reference to “Momma‚Ķ” then Everett immediately jumps in with “bear”. Recently, Melissa got a Snoogle pregnancy pillow and Everett started laying inside it during roughhousing, and we observed that it kind of felt like a cocoon, and then we started talking about hibernating. This naturally led to a conversation about how bears love bacon, and about how Gramsy and Grandpa used to feed bacon to the bears through the windows of their car at Yellowstone National Park (this was a time with a different sensibility about feeding wild animals). So one morning Everett and Chris were making bacon for breakfast, and Everett joked that the smell of the bacon was wafting upstairs and was going to wake Momma out of hibernation. It seems to have worked.

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