On Monday this week Everett and Chris rode to school together for the first time with Everett on the trail bike, which Chris recently bought from a fellow Tosa Spokesmen.
Everett made it the entire way and seemed to enjoy the new ride. The biggest problem was the zoo interchange construction project. For those of you who aren’t from this area, the zoo interchange refers to the intersection of I-94, I-894 and Route 45. The state has been talking about rebuilding it for some time, and recently they stopped talking and started doing it. This will be a massive project spanning several exits and neighborhood roads in almost every direction. The effect it has on our commute is that they closed the section of the Oak Leaf Bike Trail that goes from Underwood Pkwy to 115th St. Without it we are forced to cross Route 100 on surface roads, which is unpleasant under normal circumstances, but with the construction it is an ordeal. Nonetheless, Everett seems to have a great time and as soon as we rolled up to school he hopped off the bike and walked in.

Everett has had a cold for the last few days. The symptoms always seem worse at night, so after he gets up in the morning he seems better and we aren’t quite sure whether to keep him home from school or not. He went to school on Monday and Wednesday, home on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. On Thursday evening when Chris got home Everett was just not himself – he was very groggy, almost delirious, and he felt warm. The most alarming symptom came when Chris picked him up he said “Daddy, I don’t think tonight is a roughhousing night.” We don’t recall this ever happening before. We called the pediatrician, gave him Tylenol for his fever, and put him to bed. About a half hour later he said he was starting to feel better, and within and hour he told Chris “We are off the hook,” and then the two of us spent time time with a new app that allowed us to try out different hairstyles.
Saturday morning he was still not feeling great but he still made it out the door to the sibling class at the hospital where he learned how to hold a baby, how to change a diaper and some of the anatomy involved in birth. From this he made a drawing for Momma to see when she is in the hospital. It included her, him, one baby being born and one baby still inside her. This is just one of many ways that art and play have allowed Everett to express what is going on around him. His stuffed animals (collectively known as The Snugglies) have been coming down with a number of ailments and injuries lately, and Everett explains the treatment plan they must follow to get back to health. One of them is a doll named Kittybell who he is very protective of, and who now sleeps in a crib made from a cardboard box.

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  1. Love that Kittybell has such a special place in his heart. Everett is a very protective and caring person.

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