There are numerous experiments going on in our house. In fact, Everett sometimes says “I’m doing an experiment!” as a reason why he can’t do something less desirable like go to bed. Here are a few examples that are currently in progress.

First, he is making pixie dust

We think he got this idea from watching the movies Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure or Tinker Bell: Secret of the Wings. Tonight Everett and Chris were working on their PAC car for the Y-Tribe race this weekend (a PAC car is a variation on a pinewood derby). As soon as he saw the sawdust he caught some in a bowl and then added water, vinegar, oil, cotton balls and yellow food coloring.

Second, Everett and Melissa conducted an experiment to see how colored water mixes via capillary action.

At the start of the experiment the end cups had yellow and blue colored water, respectively, while the center cup had red food coloring. Cups 2 and 4 were empty, and paper towels were rolled up and used as bridges between adjacent cups. By the next morning the water level in all 5 cups was the same, and cups two and four were purple and orange, as might be expected from mixing their adjacent colors. Neat!

Third, Everett is soaking rubber balls to see if the colors dissolve in the water.

Nothing yet.

Fourth, he wants to see if the sea scallop puppet will make pearls.
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To test this he has soaked cotton balls in water, added a dollop of hand soap, rolled them into balls and put them into the scallop overnight. His verdict: successful!

Lastly, he has started collecting seeds from the fruit he eats, mainly apples and cantaloupe.

As soon as spring arrives he wants to “‚Ķplant them and then the sun will come and we will water them and some days will pass by and then we will get ladders our and pick our own apples. Won’t that be great?” Perhaps he is thinking of the time we did this picking figs in Ascona? In any case, it appears that we might have to wait a while for spring to arrive. The igloo that we built almost a month ago is still standing in the back yard.

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  1. I really appreciate the beautiful Udine pictures. And E’s experiments are priceless. Thank you!

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