Last Sunday we told Everett that Melissa is pregnant with two babies. He was extremely excited and he immediately started talking about all of the things he will teach them. Among them, “The most important thing I have to teach them is talking.” He also informed us that he wants their cribs around his bed.

On Monday he told them all about the Great Wolf Lodge, and he rearranged the dining room chairs for them. He also asked if they are going to be born that day.

As we have told friends and family the news, they have offered a variety of name suggestions:
Rocky and Bullwinkle
Ben and Jerry
Control-C and Control-V
Frick and Frack
Hall and Oates
Itchy and Scratchy
Bert and Ernie
Thelma and Louise
Heat Miser and Cold Miser
Shake and Bake

On Tuesday Everett named them Kitty and Piggy. For the time being Chris and Melissa have decided to call them the Twinkies.

On Friday Melissa said that the babies wanted Greek food for dinner. Everett seemed perplexed by this and asked how she knew. We explained to him that Mothers have special powers to identify what foods their babies want to eat. He seemed partly satisfied by this, though not totally convinced.

He later told Melissa “Whenever you open your mouth then the light can get in.”

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3 thoughts on “Babies

  1. Thing 1 and Thing 2 (a la Dr. Seuss)?
    Type I and Type II don’t quite work, even though they fit your research theme. How about Sensitivity and Specificity?
    Anyway, congratulations! And good luck with the control!

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