Control Experiment

As researchers we have decided to practice Evidence-Based Parenting. By way of explanation, any researcher will tell you that a sample size of 1 is anecdotal evidence, and the plural of anecdote is not data. We have reported a fair number of findings about Everett on this website, and in the world of evidence-based practices these case reports are among the weakest forms of evidence, second only to expert opinion. By increasing our sample size we could strengthen our conclusions, and as a result better substantiate the degree to which our parenting approach influences our children. Of course this experimental design is based on two assumptions:

1. Stationarity, i.e. that we are the same people now that we were when Everett was born.

2. Independence, i.e. that successive study participants do not interact and have no effect on each other.

However, we cannot even remotely substantiate either of these assumptions, and I am loathe to think what reviewers might say, but we are sticking with this study design anyway and will deal with the consequences later. Fortunately, we have received news that our sample size will soon be increased, and if things go well then we will reach the minimum threshold for a t-test. Melissa is pregnant.

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  1. Well, I did understand the part that Melissa is pregnant…otherwise, as a non-researcher, I am somewhat at a loss. However, I can’t wait to hold all the samples in my arms.

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