It has not snowed in a long time in Milwaukee, and it seems that our local weather reporters have a lot of pent up energy for predicting winter storms. For a couple days before December 22 they have been bubbling over about a snowstorm which largely failed to materialize, at least in Milwaukee. Thank you, Chicken Little. Perhaps the weather team could improve their ratings by providing updates on the end of the world according to the Mayan calendar?

While waiting for winter to arrive we have been preparing for Christmas. Melissa has done virtually all of our Christmas shopping and shipping. She also sent our annual holiday cards, though we should note that Chris helped by modernizing our system for printing address labels. Goodbye mail merge in Word, hello Mac Contacts. This reduced the amount of time required to print labels by an order of magnitude.
Holiday Card 2012
Everett has been involved in his own preparations. One night when Chris got home from work there was a sink full of sharks and whales in the downstairs bathroom sink. Later he found our Christmas nativity scene in the freezer. Mmmkay. The night we left for Gabby and Granddaddy’s house Everett put a note out for Santa. Originally this was going to include detailed instructions on where to deliver gifts, but in the end he decided that this was unnecessary due to Santa’s all-knowing powers. Instead he left a drawing of himself along with a cup of water and a homemade cookie. Kyra promptly ate the cookie, which Everett seemed momentarily upset about but he quickly recovered and we found another cookie for Santa.

On Christmas Eve Everett carefully put out snacks for Santa and the reindeer, along with reindeer dust in the front yard.
Reindeer dust in the front yard
Chris reread The Santaland Diaries. Marital tip: do not attempt to read David Sedaris in bed while your spouse is trying to sleep. Unless of course you don’t like David Sedaris in the first place, but in that case you might have other problems.

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