Today Chris and Everett attended our first Y-Tribe event. Chris learned about it from Dan, a friend and fellow Spokesman. The Y-Tribe is a YMCA-sponsored group of Dads and children ages 4K through about 4th grade. They usually get together once a month. Today was bowling at Bluemound Bowl; the next event is camping in late January. Once Chris got to the event he began to realize how many Spokesmen were in the group. One of them was Bob, a family practice physician who has worked at MCW for some time. He and Chris share a lot of common interests. I introduced Everett to him and his daughter, and he replied “This is my daughter Elsie.” As soon as he said this his daughter had a look of concern on her face and started trying to get his attention. After a minute he turned to her to see what was up. “Dad!” she whispered, “I’m Rachel.” This was a glimpse of what it must be like to have five children. The second insight was when we were discussing the number of children in our families and he mentioned “It doesn’t matter if you have one child or five children. They take up all of your time.” The point he was trying to make was that five children isn’t five times the work of one child. Good to know.

Bowling was fun, and afterward we rode to Dan’s house for Santa Rampage preparations…

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