Chris recently downloaded an app that finds other free apps each day, and as a result he has been spending precious free time playing games for the first time in about ten years. So far they are mostly word and puzzle games, but the racing game Asphalt7 has turned out to be surprisingly engaging. Naturally Everett has taken a great interest as well, and he somehow learned the password for Chris’ iPad so he is able to explore at will. Chris has also started downloading apps specifically for Everett including some really neat interactive kids books like Riding Hood. Today we downloaded the Talking Santa app and had fun for a few minutes poking his belly, feeding him milk and cookies, and taking Christmas snapshots like this.
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Then we discovered a button that causes the Santa moon as follows:

Everett thought this was hilarious and spent the next 15 minutes mooning Chris. The entire time Chris was trying not to laugh while explaining to Everett that this is not acceptable behavior for school or in public. Not sure how much of this really got through. This is just a warning to our family that there may be a moon in your future. Thanks Santa!

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