Today we saw How to Train Your Dragon at the Bradley Center. The special effects were just incredible. Everett really seemed to enjoy it, even though he has been sick and was having a tough time sitting still during the show, though this was somewhat alleviated by giving him a box of popcorn (which he asked for repeatedly) during the second half. After the show we raced home for a nap, then Everett and Mom were off to Kelly’s birthday party, and finally tonight is trick or treat night in our neighborhood. It was a day packed with fun-filled activities!

Update: As our loyal readers may recall, Everett dressed as Darth Vader for Halloween this year. It turns out that the mask made it pretty difficult for him to see where he was going, judging from the fact that Chris caught him a couple times after he misjudged a few front porch steps. We walked up Kavanaugh and got more candy than a four year old could eat in a month. The entire way he was asking “Can we go to Molly’s house?”, and thankfully she was at her house when we got there. By this time Everett was almost done, so we walked around the corner to the Spice House, then back down Kavanaugh and finally home. Around this time we also watched the Monsters versus Aliens Halloween special, and Everett’s favorite part was when Seth Rogan’s character (some kind of blob) goes trick or treating but forgets what to say after he rings the doorbell and someone opens the door. Instead he stands there for a while in silence and then whispers “Um, what’s happening right now?” It’s pretty hilarious to hear Everett reenact this, especially because of his timing. He seems to be able to sense the right circumstances to whip out relevant movie quotes.

So this blog entry started out talking about dragons and then got off course. Getting back to the subject: Everett’s favorite dragon (we think) is Toothless from the show. And some of his favorite activities involve enactments of knights and kings and stolen rubies and slaying dragons with one of his many swords. We are soon going to sign him up for acting classes to see if he enjoys channeling this energy, and this is a great segue into the next blog entry.

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