Nests and forts have become a common part of our family life over the past year,┬áregardless of whether we are at home or traveling. This probably started as a result of our travels with Everett. Ever since he was old enough to sleep outside a crib we would construct a “special nest” for him wherever we went, which usually consisted of a pile of pillows and blankets in a closet, under a table or in any available small nook. He loved it, and now has started building his own nests and forts at a frequency that borders on obsessive. His bed currently contains several blankets, a menagerie of stuffed animals, a yoga ball, three small pumpkins from Jim’s Pumpkin Farm and a wide variety of pillows. More recently his room was taken over by a fort made of sheets and a “snuggly pit”. During a recent play date at his friend Kelly’s house she came upstairs from the basement and announced to her Mom that they were building some “cozy nests”. This must not be a common term in Kelly’s house because her Mom got a good laugh out of it. Today Everett had a play date with George. Naturally, he was very excited about this because George is one of his closest friends, but he was even more excited because he was going without either of his parents. After about two or three hours Chris called Lynette to see how it was going and to arrange picking up Everett. She asked Everett if he wanted to talk to his Dad. “No, I’m too busy.” It turns out that they were turning George’s closet into a giant nest.

As a result of this behavior Everett has turned into somewhat of a pillow hog. He will take every pillow he can get his hands on, including the ones from our bed, and pile them into one of his nests. The only way to avoid this is to get him to build a nest in our bed. We now warn our friends to put away any pillows or blankets that they don’t want to be used as building materials.

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