When Everett was younger he played alongside other children, as opposed to playing with them. This is a common developmental phase with infants and toddlers. In the last couple years he has developed friendships, and since he started his new school it has been interesting to hear him come home and tell us who his new friends are, as well as how he became friends with them. One of his longest friendships has been with George. They got to know each other originally because both of their Dads work at MCW, then their Moms became friends, and then by coincidence they were at the same preschool together. One sign of their bond (and innocence) is that they still hug each other goodbye. During a recent visit to the playground there were some older boys on the slides who were making it difficult for Everett to get by on his way up the steps. George observed them and then admonished them to stay out of the way of his friend! George has Everett’s back, and the reverse is also true.

During a recent playdate at George’s house there was a lunch incident where a cup of milk spilled on the dining room table and piano (clearly the milk must have been moving at high velocity to reach the piano). This happened during a particularly rowdy meal in which the boys were repeatedly told to settle down and keep their hands to themselves. No adults saw the cup spill, and when Melissa came in the room both boys were quiet and looking down.
“George, did you spill the milk?”
“Everett, did you spill the milk?”
“George, did Everett spill the milk?”
“Everett, did George spill the milk?”
This is the first time that we are aware of when Everett’s allegiance to one of his friends is stronger than his desire to be honest with his parents. Melissa’s reaction was one of both exasperation that the boys made a mess after being disobedient, combined with pride that they had developed such a strong bond. The Moms then discussed the situation and felt that each boy was behaving in a way that suggested he did it. Later when Everett was telling Chris about it he said “One of us spilled the milk.” So this is now a secret between him and George.

Update: Later, the Moms put their heads together and independently confirmed that Everett was the culprit, despite the concerted effort by the boys.

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