Salzburg Day 1

On Tuesday morning I (Chris) had to leave about 5am for a 7:15am flight to Salzburg via Vienna. I was met at the airport by Everett, Melissa and Carrie – it was great to see all of them! We went to a nearby shopping mall for a particular store that Melissa and Carrie wanted to visit, during which Chris and Everett walked around and went to a small cafe for coffee. Chris asked in German if they spoke English and then continued in English. Everett commanded “Dad, speak German!” I would if I could, but I don’t yet know how.

Next we stopped at the butcher in Bergheim, and then went to Carrie’s house for lunch. Chris took a shower, unpacked and got cleaned up. Everett went down for a nap, and while he was sleeping Carried told us we could take the car and go have some time to ourselves, including dinner. He is so adaptable that we didn’t feel too concerned about leaving without telling him, and in any case we could have returned home quickly if necessary. So we went to the Stadler bike shop in Ainring and then to the Globus in¬†Freilassing. It’s a lot of fun for both of us to go to grocery stores in foreign countries to see what is available. Among other things we got some good German beer, meat, cheese and chocolate. Next we went to Laufen for dinner at the Kapuzinerhof. It was a treat! We returned home in time to put Everett to bed (thanks Carried for watching him!).¬†That night we played Qwirkle and then went to sleep.

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