Lisbon Day 3

Melissa and Chris had a rough night of sleep. Everett, on the other hand, slept soundly for over 12 hours. He awoke close to 9:30 and during breakfast explained his classification system for the deliciousness of food: gross, ok, delicious, exquisite and scrumptious. Within the highest category some things are scrumptiouser than others. When he finds a new favorite food he announces “This iiiiiiiiiis…up to scrumptious!” as he points a finger in the air.

We ate breakfast in the apartment (grinilla, pear yogurt, soft cheese, break and paté). Then we walked to Praça do Comércio to get cash and recharge our transit cards for another 24 hours. Finally we got in line for bus 782 to the Oceanarium, which should have been a 10 minute ride, but instead turned into an adventure lasting an hour and a half. It turns out that bus 782 is more of a mythical bus than a real bus. Instead we got on bus 759, which also went to Estación Oriente, but failed to mention that it stops about every 50 feet along the way.

The Oceanarium is very nice. We went to the temporary exhibit and the permanent exhibit. The latter is basically a gigantic tank of saltwater about 50 feet deep with a building around it that contains individual exhibits. Most of the tank is made of glass like this:


After the Oceanarium we stopped at the Art Cafe and ate outside for lunch. Chris and Melissa both had the steak+egg+fried potatoes+salad dish. Everett had a cheeseburger with the tiniest fries we have ever seen (even smaller than matchstick fries). On our way past the counter when we arrived at the restaurant Everett saw a goblet of chocolate mousse and exclaimed “I want THAT!”, and we told him he could have it if he ate his lunch. Afterward on the Metro ride home he had a huge ring of chocolate around his mouth and Chris asked him if per chance he ate any chocolate for lunch. “Actually, Mom and I were eating lunch when I was attacked by a chocolate moose!” This was the funniest joke he has ever told us.

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