Tosafest started last night about 6pm and ends tonight around 11pm.

We were going to go last night but we were tired and the weather was a bit wet, so instead we went to Hector’s for dinner. It has finally cooled off! Temperatures are in the 50s and 60s, which feels incredibly good after the long, hot summer we just experienced.

This morning we were spending some time as a family cleaning Everett’s room. In the process of doing this Chris picked up an empty cardboard toilet paper roll to put in the recycling. Everett immediately stopped him and said “I need that for a project!” This is the first time we have heard him say this, though it certainly isn’t the first project he has worked on. It turns out that toilet paper rolls can be used in a lot of crafty ways. One is to make monsters, as illustrated in the current issue of Highlights magazine. Another is to build a hypnotizer to use on “bad guys” (we later learned that both of these are terms he learned from Jimmy Neutron).
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After everything was ready we went for a walk through the village, stopped at the playground and then played “hide the hypnotizer” the entire way home. When we neared our house we picked up several bunches of acorns to feed the scrappy squirrels and chipmunks in the backyard. At lunchtime Chris was filling the concrete gaps in the driveway.

“Everett, can you help me put gravel in the cracks in the driveway?”
“It’s crushed limestone Dad.”
“Ok, well, can you just help me shovel some in there?”

It appears that Everett will help with projects as long as you ask him just the right way.

We ate lunch on the patio and then Chris and Everett rode to the festival. It turns out that they have about five bounce houses this year.
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We really wanted Everett to take a nap today so that we might have a chance of staying up late for family movie night at Tosafest, so we got him a wristband that allowed as much bounce-housing as he wanted.

After about 45 minutes of nonstop climbing and running he said “I’m ready to go home”, which we did and he immediately fell asleep for a two hour nap. Mission accomplished!

After nap we went back to the festival for more bouncing,

followed by a pre-dinner appetizer from Yo Mama and what may have been Everett’s first brain freeze from eating it too fast.

Then we ate dinner and were going to see the movie but it started raining, so we returned home and watched the first half of Tangled before bed. It was a really enjoyable day.

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