First Day of School!

Today was Everett’s first day of school. He was very excited! Over the last week we have been getting ready. First, he and Mom bought school supplies.
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Then we went over the new expectations of him now that he is in school (as conveyed by his teachers): he needs to pick out his clothes and dress himself. Lastly, we test-rode the route to school, which largely overlaps with the route we used to take to preschool. The major difference is that we got to preschool at random times, but how that he is in 4K we have to be there by 8:20am each morning or the doors are locked.

This morning he got up and immediately formulated a plan: brush teeth, get dressed, eat breakfast. Then he put on his new backpack and sat in the bike waiting for Chris and Melissa to finish breakfast.
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
The ride to school went smoothly. The only unexpected event was waiting for a long, slow train to pass at a rail crossing.

Once we arrived at school he shook hands with the greeter and bravely went into the classroom after a hug and kiss from each of us.

He seemed to have a sense of excitement and wonder about the whole day.¬†On the ride home we saw a small group of wild turkeys, which Everett hasn’t had a chance to see yet, but he has informed us that they are just as scrappy as the squirrels in our backyard.

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