Labor Day Weekend

For Memorial Day Weekend this year we got a treat from a neighbor. Dan and Paula found out that Everett enjoyed convertibles (or maybe they just guessed that he would), so offered to lend us their 1994 Mustang. This first came up when we ran into them at Blue’s Egg when we were there with Brad, Sarah, Eli and Henry last weekend. On our way out the door Dan said “I’ll drop off the car and the keys later today”, to which Chris replied “Thanks Dad!”. But it rained that day, so we had to wait until the next Sunday. Dan stopped by with the car and put they key in an envelope that read:

“Bring it back by Monday night,


These cars aren’t exactly made for carseats but we managed to get Everett buckled in and went for a ride on the lakefront.
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Surprisingly, he looks like he belongs in this car. It was a beautiful day for it, and it would have been more fun if Everett wasn’t asking us to put the top up starting about 10 minutes into the ride.

On Monday evening we returned the car and Everett got to try out the swing in Dan and Paula’s front yard.
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One other big event this weekend: we bought a piano and signed Everett up for piano lessons, which start next Thursday!
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

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