Family Visit

We have had family visiting for the last few days: Cress, Amanda, Matt, Katy and Trinity. It’s been a fun visit, and it’s a completely different dynamic in the house with Trinity and Everett. They spend long periods of time together and Everett is clearly less interested in being around the adults when she is here. They spent a lot of time in the backyard in the fort and on the swings (once Chris got them setup and anchored).
It’s rained a bit recently and the toad (or one of his descendants) has returned to the area between the compost bin and the spigot behind the house, which provided some additional entertainment.

The days have gone by quickly, as they always seem to do when children are involved. Generally we can manage one or two activities per day. Chris was working while everyone was in town so rejoined them for the evening activities. On Wednesday night we went to Cafe Hollander for dinner. It was a stretch to fit everyone into Cress’ new minivan (a.k.a. The Movie Car), so Chris took Trinity and Everett on the Bakfiets. Trinity seemed to enjoy the bike quite a bit, and Everett enjoyed having a companion. Plus, Chris was able to get a bit of a workout while riding, so it worked out well for everyone. On Thursday everyone went to the State Fair while Chris was at work.
It rained most of the day and was the smallest crowd we have ever seen for this annual event. After Chris got home from work all of us returned to visit the House of Moo
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and to try some new fair foods for dinner. Melissa had a Door County Fish Boil and Chris had fish and chips. Everett ate deep fried cheese on a stick followed by cotton candy (oh, how far we have wandered from the ideals we had as new parents!).

Everett also got to try milking a (plastic, life-sized) cow.

On Friday night we cooked chicken on the grill and enjoyed sitting on the patio with a bonfire for a few hours. Saturday during the day we went to the Milwaukee Air and Water Show,
and then to the new Biergarten in Estabrook Park.
There are two great things about this place. First, it’s about as close to a european beer garden as you are going to get in the US. Everyone got a half liter of German beer along with pretzels and Obatzter. These were the best pretzels we have had in the states, and we have never actually seen Obatzter outside of Bavaria. In the afternoon we¬†worked in the yard a bit and had Balistreries pizza and salad for dinner.
On Sunday morning everyone left for Cincinnati while Chris stayed home. It is now around 5pm and eerily quiet in the house. Could be an opportunity to catch up on some old blog entries…

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