Chris was traveling this week and head to leave by 7am on his birthday. As a result we celebrated his birthday tonight (Friday). Birthday dinner was Montgomery ribs and Graeter’s ice cream, both treats that were sent from Cincinnati by Cress and Amanda.
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For family movie night we watched Charlotte’s Web while we were eating. It’s been a long time since Melissa or Chris read the book and neither of us has seen the movie, so there are some details we forgot. One theme of the movie is the search for words and the delight in finding them, which is certainly a common theme in our family. Chris and Melissa had some early bonding experiences over the Oxford English Dictionary. Everett fearlessly explores the use of new words, and his latest behavior in this area is making lists of synonyms. The most recent addition is a list of words that mean talkative (garrulous, loquacious, gregarious, etc). As I have pointed out in previous blog entries we are still waiting for him to learn the meaning of the word irony.

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